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Notice of "Tonkatsu coming pig"

Contact information for pork cutlet:0977-76-8080

It is "Tonkatsu Kuributa" operated by this facility.
It is conveniently located a 1-minute walk from JR Yufuin Station, so please stop by.

【Opening Hours】
·From 11:00 to 15:00(Last order 14:30)
·From 18:00 to 21:00(Last order 20:30)

We will be closed in January.
Decided to reopen from February 1st!

【We are currently looking for a cook】
◆cooking aid
·Employment status:full-time employee
·Monthly salary:22 to 300 thousand
·Holidays:6 to 8 times a month
·Duty hours:9:00 to 22:00(Consultation required)
※The work will be "Yufuin Ryokan Seikoen" or "Seikoen".

《Contact information》
☎0977-76-5438(To Furuya)
Contact time:11:00 to 14:00

Please feel free to contact us.
I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Set meal menu

    • The umami of fat and the deliciousness of lean meat! This is "THE Tonkatsu"!

      Top loin and set meal

      price:1,400 yen(tax included)
    • It is a very healthy loin with the fat of the loin removed cleanly!

      Healthy loin and set meal

      price:1,500 yen(tax included)

    • Soft fins! A rare part that weighs only about 1 kg from a pig

      Upper fin and set meal

      price:1,400 yen(tax included)
    • Uses energetic chickens raised with herbs.

      Chicken and set meal

      price:900 yen(tax included)
    • A lot of cheese with thinly sliced loin wrapped around mozzarella cheese.

      Cheese and set meal

      price:1,500 yen(tax included)
    • A mix of fat umami loin and soft and healthy fillet.

      Loin fillet set meal

      price:1,200 yen(tax included)
    • A mix that combines the deliciousness of pork and chicken!

      Chicken loin set meal

      price:1,100 yen(tax included)
    • A healthy mix that is very easy to eat.

      Chicken fillet set meal

      price:1,200 yen(tax included)
    • It's a meal for children!

      Children's lunch

      price:650 yen(tax included)

      You can add a drink (orange juice) for +100 yen (tax included)!
    • We have various drink menus!

      Drink menu

      ※All prices include tax.
      ·Cola:200 yen
      ·Oolong Tea:200 yen
      ·Orange juice:200 yen
      ·Yufuin Cider:300 yen
      ·Kirin Beer(Small bottle):500 yen
      ·Asahi beer(Small bottle):500 yen
      ·Yufuin Beer:800 yen
  • Instagram Information

    • I started Instagram of Tonkatsu coming pig!

      There is also an account for Tonkatsu Raito!

      ◆account name"tonkatsu_raiton"
      ◆Please search for "Tonkatsu coming pig".

      Please have a look as it will be uploaded firmly!