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Introduction of dishes

Creative cuisine cuisine where you can fully enjoy Bungo's delicious luxury

We prepare creative cuisine cuisine made by chief chef with full heart.
Changing menus every season, according to spring summer autumn winter
We are making a menu aware of the season at that time.
In addition to the basic creative kaiseki cuisine, Oita Wagyu beef shabu-shabu
Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area There is also Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area with a grade-up plan
You can choose according to your preference.

Cooking list

I will introduce an example of cooking.
  • ~Standard creative cuisine meal~

    Enjoy delicious cuisine prepared by the chief chef with a meal.

    Use Yufuin · Oita's seasonal ingredients, which was brought up to rich nature.
    It is a creative cuisine based on Japanese food.

    ----------- Donation -------------------
    ·Grilled Dish
    ·Mouth change
    ·Grilled Oita Wagyu beef on a ceramic plate
    ·Boiled rice

    ----------- Moment -------------------

    Please choose from the following time.
    ◆From 18: 00
    ◆From 19: 30(※Depending on the day it may come from 19:00.)



    All plan will be informed at the restaurant.


    ※Creative Kaisei cooking is a dish content change according to the season.
    ※Meals will be served at the restaurant.

Drink menu

We have a wide variety of drinks, from alcoholic to non-alcoholic.
Please relax and relax.
  • Alcohol list

    Yufuin Beer(Small bottle):1,000 yen
    Asahi Super Dry Kirin Lager Beer(Medium bottle):800 yen
    non-alcoholic beer(Small bottle):500 yen

    ◆Corner high ball:550 yen

    ◆Chuhai lemon/Calpis:550 yen

    ◆Sake (normal temperature, hot sake) 180ml sake bottle
    Nishinoseki(Sweet)/Yoka(spicy):550 yen

    ◆cold sake
    Nishinoseki cold sake/Yufuin Forest:1,000 yen

    ◆Shochu glass
    Yubu Mount/Nikaido/Black Kirishima:550 yen
    Tokizo:900 yen
    ※Please contact us to order a 900ml bottle.

    ◆Plum wine
    Umeshu with honey:550 yen/Carbonated water(For soda discount of plum wine):250 yen

    ◆Wine (half bottle) red/White:1650 yen

    ※All prices include tax.
  • Soft drink

    ◆Yufuin Cider:450 yen

    ◆Cola:300 yen

    ◆Ginger ale:350 yen

    ◆Orange, apple and tomato juice:350 yen

    ※All prices include tax.

Guide to "body friendly" breakfast

The first thing in the morning, it is soaked in the hot springs and got stuck in the body ...
We will deliver a gentle taste.
  • ~Breakfast is set Japanese food~

    It is Japanese set meal with fish dumpling pot.
    Please enjoy a gentle and tasteful breakfast.

    ----- Moments -----

    Please choose from the following time.
    ◆From 7: 30
    ◆From 8:30
    (※It may be from 8:00 depending on the day.)


    ※The contents change according to the season.