<All Rooms Non-Smoking>Cigarette is asked in the smoking place near the entrance of the parking lot.
Yufuin Ryokan Seikoen
~ 100% sourced from source ~ The hot springs of Torottoro's inn

【Official】Yufuin Ryokan Seikoen

Yubu Mount Bungo's delicacy luxuriously at the foot of Yubu Mount

The hotel was opened in November 2016.
It is a hotel with only 10 rooms a day.
There are 6 rooms in the main building, 4 rooms with Japanese + Western rooms.
Origin 100% We are proud of fresh quality hot springs.

All of our staff are struggling day by day with the desire to let us do our utmost "hospitality" with a smile.
◆May all day be a good day for everyone today◆


  • ■■■Limited Days■■■~Only one night special plan with dinner and breakfast~

    ★It is a standard plan with limited date and special price★

    ·Standard plan 2 meals per night.
    ·The hot spring is 100% flowing from the source and except for rooms with semi-open-air bath
     There are gender-separated public baths and two private indoor baths.
     Guests can also use the private hot water for free!

    Enjoy delicious cuisine prepared by the chief chef with a meal.
    Use Yufuin · Oita's seasonal ingredients, which was brought up to rich nature.
    It is a creative cuisine based on Japanese food.
  • ~ About measures of new coronavirus infectious disease ~

    In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, this facility has taken the following measures to protect the safe and secure environment for customers and employees.

    ■Wearing a mask
    Service staff may wear masks to perform their duties.

    ■Disinfection with alcohol, etc.
    We disinfect and clean the doorknobs and the parts that customers can touch in this facility as appropriate.
    In addition, we have installed disinfectants, so please use them.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Yufuin Ryokan Seikoen


1208-1 Kawakami, Yufuin Town, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

Telephone number



Yufuin IC less than 10 minutes by car from Yufuin IC.5 - 10 minutes by taxi from Yufuin station.

google map code : 269 389 337*11
Go to the traffic access page, google map code: 269 389 337 * 11

~Yufuin Ryokan Seikoen evolving inn, Yufuin Ryokan Seikoen~

  • Please spend your time relaxing in a different space.

    Replacing the wallpaper of the main building in the main building,
    Express different atmosphere depending on guest room.
    Please spend the healing time at the hotel surrounded by nature.
    It is my desire to change as long as customers can request and give opinions so that repeat customers can spend themselves without getting bored.
  • We have set up a resting place!

    We set up a "resting place" in our hotel parking lot.
    The image is a "ship".At the tip, the steering wheel is attached
    Children can enjoy playing photographs fun as well.
    When weather is nice, when you want to leisure outside ,,,
    We have installed a bench, please use.
    Spring is being healed by the gentle sunlight through the sun.
    In the summer morning and evening, while being blown in a comfortable wind.
    While enjoying autumn leaves of Yubu Mount and mountains.
    While watching the snow scene in winter.

    Please enjoy various trips every season.

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